Ep. 19: Abbi Sorrells, Erik Rankin, Rob Fazzini (Countywide Candidates)

November 25, 2019

We sit down with all three McLean countywide candidates to discuss the offices they are seeking, what motivated them to run, and why these offices are chosen by partisan races. And a special announcement by one of the candidates is PodBN’s first official scoop!

You can find more information on the candidates on Facebook and other social media platforms.


Support someone else doing a big thing in Bloomington-Normal:

  1. Donate professional clothes for people in the court system at Public Defender Carla Barnes’s office.

Email: carla.barnes@mcleancountyil.gov

Phone: (309) 888-5235


  1. Visit the Ecology Action Center, the “gold standard” in Illinois for recycling and green living.



  1. Volunteer at the YWCA Labyrinth Program, which offers reintegration services to formerly incarcerated women.



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Music: “Extremes” by The Lemming Shepherds, public domain

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