Behind the Scenes: The Hosts

March 5, 2019

Candidate scheduling fatigue had led to one more Behind the Scenes episode. In this one, we interview each other with the same types of questions we ask our guests. If we can dish it, we should be willing to take it. 

Tyson shares how his experiences growing up overseas influences his perspective of life, which leads to a conversation about public spaces, walkability, and planning (but to be honest, don’t most of our conversations?)

Justin talks about going from small town to big city, and then finally settling in Bloomington-Normal. We discuss the relationship between work and community service, and what drives him to pursue his passions. 

With the Election Edition wrapping up this week, we’ll be back to our regular programming mid-March: talking to people doing big things in Bloomington-Normal.


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Music: “Extremes” by The Lemming Shepherds, public domain